Our commercial inquiries cross check the different methods used in economic intelligence: observation, financial inquiries and inquiries on the field. We master the whole of the information network.

To protect your company against all infringements to its security and internal or external malevolence of which it could be the victim, UXAM provides its capacity of investigation and advice thanks to trained private investigators.

The damages which could be substantial for your company, both financially and in terms of reputation, UXAM can bring you solutions by showing you with precision the origin of the problem, thanks to our varied and discrete investigation methods and to the serious supporting evidence.

The added value of our service is the support which we guarantee to all our clients, in every case, with the different participants of the legal sector with the guarantee of total privacy.

Are you a victim of dishonest procedures from a partner, employee, or a competitor?

You are subjected to loss of activity and turnover due to practices such as misappropriation of clients, customer file theft, poaching of employees, disclosure of know-how or trade secrets, non-respect of non-competition clauses, bribery or denigration, parasitism or confusion.

UXAM identifies with precision the operating method to follow. Our professional private investigators and co-workers will put their investigation at your service and advice methods favoring your interests in court thanks to the presentation of tangible and serious evidence of fraudulent acts.


UXAM assiste les entreprises et les accompagne grâce à la recherche de renseignements qui doivent servir les auxiliaires de justice à constater l’existence du préjudice qu’elles subissent.

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UXAM assist companies and accompanies them through the research of information which will allow the court officers to certify legal requirements of the damages they are subjected to.

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UXAM has developed accurate methods for these problems to detect and analyze the quality of counterfeit products and ascertain their origins.

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