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UXAM is a French inquiry and investigation company for businesses, located in Lyon, which accompanies companies and their boards in their issues all over France and abroad.

Our expertise lies in our capacity to establish a strategy and to gather evidence, all information and evidence must advance legal theories so as to benefit our client’s case.

UXAM gather the best private investigators and consultants in order to assure their interests in the following situations:


Our partners are exclusively professionals in intelligence service. They are also specialized by strategic fields where they have each developed they own skills and recognized know-how.

They all have proved certifications given by the CNAPS in accordance with the “livre VI du code de la sécurité intérieure”

Our work is to provide the necessary evidence to defend the interests of our clients.

UXAM deals with extremely sensitive matters of intelligence with professionalism and precision. Our work is to draw up a research plan to secure our client’s development, defend their cases and block internal or external attacks. Whatever your field, your stakes or size, we will include the whole of our actions in a strategic dimension for your company.

We work closely with legal offices, legal administrators, bailiffs, solicitors and chartered accountants.

Our objective is to obtain the expected result as well as protecting the integrity of our clients.

UXAM has for target to provide the evidence, the information and value-added analysis  intended to be presented in court or to be used in all negotiations.

We commit ourselves with honesty and act in strict compliance with legal procedures.

We work closely with managers, members of management committees and boards of directors in a constant outlook of return in investment.

Our ambition

We have placed our company as one of the main actors in the field of private investigators in France.

We practice our work (of private investigators) with professionalism and precision. The quality of our reports presented in court, our experience as well as our capacity to uphold our duties, are the key to our success and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our values:


The company is specialized in the defense of interests of companies and has a recognized and confirmed expertise which it develops by the constant updating of its skills. The company broadens constantly its know-how by putting into practice its expertise to the specific needs of its clients thanks to long-established relationships with a network of lawyers, bailiffs and ministerial officers.


Private investigators by conviction, the company provides you this expertise in order to meet the client’s requirements of reactivity and availability. Because time is a crucial factor in our investigations, the issues have to be approached and the strategies defined to meet the deadline given.


Our company doesn’t proceed by external growth but by the integration of human skills which come from and are developed internally. The company employs highly experienced private investigators in their specific fields and used to working as a team. We work as a team around a common philosophy and unique identity.


The company suggests solutions linked with its capacity of investigation, in strict compliance with legal procedures with a strong identity and common values which it shares with its customers. Therefore, we work in the respect of its interlocutors and legislative context. The trust and absolute confidentiality builds up a strong relationship with its customers.




The joint managers

Charles-Francois Chazit, partner

He has been working for more than 20 years in the industry, service and technology sectors, he is a former executive manager of an international company in “risk and management”, manager of the company “intelligence economique agenc-ie and a reserve officer. He wished to meet the issues of intelligence methodically by creating UXAM. He is nowadays a recognized expert in intelligence strategy and he accompanies managers and their board with precision and methodology about sensitive issues.

Charles BERTHINIER, partner

Private investigator, graduate of a degree “legal activities”, specialized in “private investigator agent” of the University of Nîmes. Besides, he is the manager of “BERI Detectives agency”. He is specialized in field survey and infiltration. He belongs to the new generation of professional investigators accustomed to economical and legal requirements. He owns a specialization in investigation methods in the area of family law and social rights. Additionally, he is a reference in surveillance field among our agents.

Alice POTTIEZ, partner

Legal expert and private investigator. graduate of a master’s degree 2 in law of the University Paris II – Panthéon – Assas, and holder of the title of “investigator, private research agent and operation manager” delivered by the institute of private investigator agents training – IFAR, she is also the manager of AP investigations. She is a referenced tutor in law and insurance inquiries at the IFAR and the University of Nîmes. She is a recognized specialist in legal matters.

Our private investigators and researchers

Our professional researchers / private investigators

UXAM works with specialists – matching our operatives and investigators to their key area of expertise (business intelligence, social engineering and in finance and rights of companies) in order to meet your requirements.


UXAM works with specialists – we match our operatives and investigators to their key area of expertise (business intelligence, social engineering and in finance and rights of companies) in order to meet your requirements