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UXAM coordinate the activities of collecting, processing, and disseminating information necessary for the operational use of your company.

Our techniques are based on open-source collection coupled with focused investigations.

Our practice is founded in the spirit good professional conduct and ethics. It is based on economic intelligence and business intelligence standards.

Business intelligence is defined as the search and systematic interpretation of open and confidential information to decipher the intentions of various players and to understand their capabilities. It includes, in addition to research on your partners, all monitoring operations of your competitive environment.
Customer and supplier risk management

A customer risk, or commercial risk, is understood as the possibility of not being paid by a customer. While a supplier risk, on the other hand, is linked to the purchasing process, that may have an impact on the profitability of your business. To help you deal with a supplier or customer risk, UXAM has the expertise to assess your third parties. To reduce these risks, our detectives are able to carry out detailed financial investigations as well as solvency studies on third parties.
Financial analysis

This investigation, which is carried out by our detectives and analysts, determines the legal structure of the company as well as its strategic organization. We will then perform a study of its economic environment. Finally, an analysis of the financial situation will be made and supplemented by interviews with customers, suppliers, and partners.
Analysis of the real business activity of a partner

To clarify the real business activity of a company, UXAM carries out a financial survey based on interviews with customers, suppliers, and its partners. This investigation is supplemented by competitive intelligence and monitoring of the company’s actions (products, patents, commercial events, etc.). Finally, using one of our private research agents (detective), we physically validate the company and its operational activity on site.
Analysis of the products and marketing activities of competitors

Our research agents approved by the CNAPS, and our analysts are able to investigate the latest business activities of your competitors. A viable commercial monitoring initiative, we monitor innovations, new launches as well as prices charged by competitors.

In addition, we can carry out test purchases in France and abroad.
Business practices

For any enterprise, adapting products and services to customer requirements, as well as promoting them according to market practices, is essential. At UXAM we offer an investigation into these business practices, by carrying out an analysis of your closest competitors to determine their advantages, their targets, and their main prospects.

In most cases this investigation is carried out on another company. Nevertheless, as a business manager, you can also find out about your own sales force, and UXAM offers “mystery shopper” services so that you can know your own commercial potential.
Mystery customer

At UXAM we have developed specific mystery shopper solutions to ensure that your sales and marketing procedures are respected by your sales networks. We also test the quality of after-sales services processes.

Our reports deliver practical knowledge on customer perception and compliance with procedures. As a priority, we check that the commitments of the legal and natural persons with whom you have contracted are respected.


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