Our investigation methods incorporate a blend of traditional field investigation techniques, informational research, and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), all supported by proven technical and technological expertise.

We master the entire process of intelligence gathering.



UXAM is officially accredited by the CNAPS (a governmental administrative organization operating under the supervision of the French Ministry of the Interior), conducting investigations both nationally and internationally.

Headquartered in Lyon, with 20 offices across France, the Group is equipped with skilled investigators, extensive resources, and the expertise necessary to handle a wide array of investigations.








Why hire a Private Investigator from the UXAM Group?

Every private investigator in the UXAM Group is CNAPS certified , having completed specialized training that endows them with recognized skills and expertise. Bound by professional confidentiality, our private investigators are integral in handling complex and sensitive cases, including commercial disputes and family-related investigations. Leveraging their expertise and our expansive network of national and international agencies, our investigators ensure swift and efficient resolution of cases.

Which services and investigations does the UXAM Investigative Group provide?

As one of France’s premier investigative agencies, UXAM offers its expertise to business, individuals, and their advisors to resolve various challenges. Our comprehensive range of investigative services includes commercial investigations ddressing issues like unfair competition, unwarranted work stoppages, theft, and fraud), civil investigations (locating individuals and debtors), financial investigations (asset and property tracing for individuals and corporations), family-related investigations (cases of adultery, child custody, etc.) and cyber investigations

Learn about case studies of assignments carried out by our Private Investigators

Find out examples of investigations that highlight the expertise of our private detectives through a series of case studies, highlighting the success of their investigations and illustrating how we solve complex problems with professionalism and discretion.

For Businesses : Handling cases of denigration by a competitor,  dealing with a former employee breaching a non-competition clause, and investigating employees on sick leave.
For family-related matters : Reassessment of compensatory allowances, evidence gathering in adultery cases, verification of cohabitation status and investigation of educational negligence

How to become a Private Investigator?

If you’re considering a career as a private investigator, learn about the prerequisites and training required for this profession. Discover the necessary qualifications or diplomas needed to practice. For more information, visit our dedicated pages:

  • Understand the process of becoming a private investigator and the essential qualities needed for the profession.
  • Learn about the path to becoming a private investigator including schools and universities that offer relevant training.
  • Find detailed information about career transition opportunities for Gendarmes, Police Officers, and Military personnel interested in entering the private investigation field.



  • Statement of adultery

    UXAM was commissioned by a woman wishing to clear up doubts about inconsistent statements by her husband and a possible adulterous relationship. Indeed, the latter had changed his habits for the past few months, regarding: The time it took him to return home, which grew later and later Travel “for business purposes” Assignment: Our detective…

  • Lifestyle report

    Context : A client instructed our private detective agency to collect evidence on his wife’s adulterous relationship and lifestyle. According to the information in his possession, she recently took an apartment or a house in a neighbouring town and was living a new life with her “companion”. Assignment: Our private detective’s task for this lifestyle…

  • Child support reassessment

    Context : A client instructed us to obtain evidence on the actual situation of her ex-husband. As a divorcee she was in receipt of alimony on behalf of her children, which had been ordered by a Family Affairs Judge using outdated criteria. At the time, her husband said he had no regular income and could…

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