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Frédéric Morin, Director of the Nantes Private Investigation Agency, Commits to:

Each of our missions is underpinned by an agreement ensuring absolute discretion and total confidentiality. For each case, a mandate is prepared outlining the mission’s purpose, methodology, and financial terms.

The Nantes agency, accredited by CNAPS, is licensed to operate. Director Frédéric Morin selects the most adept investigators for each assignment, ensuring peak responsiveness and efficiency.

UXAM, a collective of experienced private investigators, has been conducting thorough investigations for years. We possess the necessary expertise for every assignment type. UXAM stands as a leader in the investigative field, offering proven methods and remarkable results. Our private investigator in Nantes possesses vital skills and expertise and has successfully resolved hundreds of cases for clients. We are dedicated to gathering the evidence needed to resolve your case. With a multitude of satisfied clients, we are the go-to investigators for reliable assistance in winning your cases.

UXAM Nantes

22 Mail Pablo Picasso, Nantes, France

Direct line: 06 24 98 29 71

Main Cities Covered by Our Nantes Private Investigation Agency

Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Herblain, Rezé, La Baule – Escoublac, Carquefou, Sautron, Orvault, Bouguenais, Vannes, Angers, Rennes, La Roche-sur-Yon.

A Private Investigator at the Heart of the Euronantes Business District

Agency Manager Frédéric Morin, with deep roots in the Vendée region, is well-versed in the diverse human, social, and economic landscape of the Nantes area. The region hosts a mix of tertiary (IT services, biotechnologies, financial activities) and industrial (aeronautics, agri-food, material mechanics) sectors.

Having served in the Defense services during his military tenure in La Rochelle and armed with a BTS in Transport Management, Morin combines over 20 years of professional experience with his expertise in investigations to defend the interests of businesses and individuals.

Located in the Skyline building within Europe’s vibrant new business district, the agency is strategically positioned near Marguerite TGV station and the Cité des Congrès, combining eco-friendliness with economic vitality. This state-of-the-art complex, boasting terraces, gardens, high-tech security, and convenient transport links, aligns with our commitment to innovation and excellence.

All our investigators are accredited and licensed. We carefully select the most fitting profiles for each assignment, ensuring optimal efficiency and responsiveness.

Consult an Investigator at UXAM Nantes

Your UXAM Nantes agency, situated in France’s 6th largest city, is renowned for its innovative economic sectors and is the hub of Nantes Métropole, the eighth-largest urban area in France with almost 1 million inhabitants.

Key judicial institutions such as the Palais de Justice and Tribunal d’Instance are easily accessible. The agency benefits from excellent transport links including the TGV-Atlantique, local tram and bus services, and proximity to Nantes-Atlantique international airport.

We are engaged in the following private investigations:

Corporate Investigations

Family-Related Investigations

Financial Investigations

Insurance Investigations

  • Claim Verification Services
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Compensation Invoice Auditing

Civil Investigations




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Agrément CNAPS:

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SIRET 83889694200011
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