Financial inquiries

Financial inquiries

Our financial inquiries allow us to list the assets and financial state of a person, a company, in France or abroad.

If it is easy to get unlimited information about publications from database, it is on the other hand, more difficult to get the most relevant information. In a more and more unexpected context, it is essential to hold reliable financial information about a customer, a competitor, a supplier, a partner.

As well as a database, UXAM has developed specific methods in order to take into account the factors which will make the difference in the decision.

Our inquiries are thorough and our reports present one’s argument. Our partners and contractors are mainly from credit management, banking and commercial information professions.

You wish to recover assets from a former partner, recover embezzled funds, or enforce a ruling of the court which awards you damages; UXAM identifies the assets invested in material assets and intangible properties, offshore accounts and holdings.

We research and accompany you in recovering your assets hidden by providing you a precise and detailed report.

There is an increasing number of litigation with high financial stakes, in a national and international economical context, where companies, capital investors and lawyers need to be accompanied by independent experts.

UXAM supports companies and their board and accompanies them in every step of the procedure of dispute resolution to which they are faced.

The issues are varied; it can be within litigation, pension increase, introduction and exit of shareholders.

But the target is often summed up by a need to know the financial strength and acquisition of stakes of an individual person or company. UXAM’s teams understand the financial strength of companies but also of an individual within a respected legal framework.

UXAM teams are also capable of proving postal orders and ascertain the economical beneficiary whether it is a legal entity or an individual.

UXAM owns an undeniable know-how in civil inquiry. We are partners with bailiffs; rental organisations, SCI (non-movable assets sold off or being sold off), and banks.

If one of your creditors owes you money or if you have a ruling against him/her but do not know his/her address, you can rely on UXAM to find your creditors.


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