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Created in 2015, UXAM has developed a specific division around activities related to Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Cyber investigation in general.

Cyber-investigation and digital investigation at UXAM are concepts that compare to computer forensics. It is carried out within a legal framework at the request of a legal or natural person, in order to produce evidence for a dossier or procedure.

UXAM and its detectives identify, collect, analyse, and then exploit information from the Web, the Deep Web and the Dark Web in order to provide you with useful information for your decision-making, with regard to the initiation of legal proceedings.

As a reminder, the eligibility of the private digital investigation report must be produced by a structure approved by the CNAPS. The report will specify the chronology, the technicality used, the linking of the elements to each other and their consequences, to surmise the nature of the damage suffered. This detective report allows the entrepreneur or a natural person to formulate a case or to file an investigation report. In addition, at UXAM, we can put you in touch with judicial officers specialized in digital investigation, and also with forensic expertise laboratories, specialising in computer forensics, in order to consolidate evidence according to the technical elements.

Cyber ​​harassment

We collect identification information on the harasser(s), the networks used, the people relaying the content. Cyberbullying is defined as “an aggressive, intentional act perpetrated by an individual or group of individuals through electronic forms of communication, repeatedly against a victim who cannot easily defend themselves”.

Cyberbullying is practiced via mobile phones, instant messaging, forums, chats, online games, emails, social networks, photo sharing sites, etc.

Our team of detectives specialized in cyber investigations has the means to carry out research on aliases, email addresses, mobile numbers, etc. and allows you to provide the evidence necessary for filing a targeted complaint and to see the identification of harassers.

Defamation on the internet

We ensure the secured storage of defamatory comments online and then collect and use the identification sources.

For example, your company is the victim of abusive language that has an impact on your business, and you feel helpless in the face of this situation. Our detectives specialized in cyber investigations have the means to carry out research on aliases, email addresses, etc. and amass the evidence necessary to organize a writ of summons.


The Internet is the ideal showcase for counterfeiters: Direct line sales, B2B intermediation platform, auctions, etc.

Your products are being counterfeited, but what are the marketing methods and in what proportions?

  • We monitor the market and its development
  • We identify the networks and verify the nature of the products sold
  • We identify the manufacturing, sales and distribution channels

Our digital and physical investigations carried out by our detectives have the ultimate objective of putting merchants and venders out of action.

At UXAM, we analyse the meaning of all the information and data collected through the use of criminal analysis methodology, in particular using the Anacrim tool (Analyst’s Notebook), by managing information regardless of its source and volume and by relying, if necessary, on a large network of linguistic consultants (Chinese, Japanese, European languages, etc.).

Digital disinformation

Disinformation is a set of communication techniques aimed at misleading people. We research and identify the structures and individuals at work behind the dissemination of false or distorted information that is both deliberately promoted and sometimes accidentally shared.

For example, in companies too, “fake news” exists. As a reminder, false news spreads six times faster than real news on social networks, such as the false embezzlement of 2.5 billion euros by the financial director of Vinci, which showed how fragile companies are in the face of the speed of spreading a rumor.

To get to grips with managing crisis communication, our detectives specializing in digital investigations have the means to conduct research on aliases, emails, mobile numbers, etc. and allows you to bring together the necessary evidence for a targeted complaint and the identification of the initiators of the fake news.

Pre-hiring of employee or partner

Our private detectives specializing in digital research collect information left online and on social networks, in the candidate’s name or under an alias, and provide an exhaustive summary report to shed light on the individual.


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