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Nicolas LAGRUE, director of the Lille Private Detective Agency,is committed to :

Each of our assignments is based on an agreement guaranteeing absolute discretion and total confidentiality.
For each assignment, a mandate is drawn up specifying the purpose of the assignment, the methodology and the associated financial conditions.

Your Lille detective agency is approved by the CNAPS and is authorised to practice. Its director, Nicolas LAGRUE, will work with you to determine the most appropriate means of carrying out your investigation in order to guarantee maximum responsiveness and efficiency

As a reminder, UXAM is a group of private detectives that has been conducting enquiries and investigations for many years. We have the resources and knowledge you need for every type of assignment. UXAM is a benchmark in the investigation business with proven methods and results. Your private investigator in Lille has the necessary skills and expertise, and has solved hundreds of cases for his clients. We’ll gather the evidence you need to solve your case. With hundreds of satisfied clients, we are the investigators you can rely on to help you win your case

UXAM Lille

229 Rue Solférino,
59000 Lille, France

The main cities covered by our private detective agency

Lille, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Lens, Douai,
Dunkerque, Cambrai, Maubeuge, Calais, Arras,
Boulogne sur Mer and Liévin

Your Détectives Privés agency in the city centre

A native of the Picardy countryside, our agency manager Nicolas Lagrue has a perfect understanding of the human, social and economic aspects of the Hauts-de-France region.In the course of his training and career, he has been able to enrich his passion for cultures and his natural curiosity thanks to his wide-ranging mobility well beyond the region: Europe, North America, Asia, the Caribbean, etc

With a degree in psychology from Amiens and a passion for human behaviour and reactions, he completed a Masters in psycho-criminology in Poitiers, to deepen his understanding of the motivations behind actions

His strong ability to listen, pay attention and analyse, combined with his dynamism, then led him to join IFAR, a school where he was able to harmonise his two career choices: to think while being active in the field, and to intervene by making quick, effective decisions that are necessary for the smooth running of assignments.In the heart of Old Lille, the courthouse combining the Tribunal d’instance and the Tribunal de grande instance will be replaced in 2021 by a new 20,000m2 courthouse currently under construction

We are actively involved in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region and the whole of northern France, as well as working in partnership with our private detective colleagues in Luxembourg and Belgium, ensuring perfect continuity in the assignments entrusted to us.As part of theEuraflandres project, the agency is at the heart of the public space, enabling it to carry out all types of private or commercial investigations efficiently: 7 minutes from the Hôtel-de-Ville Belfry, 13 minutes from Lille Flandres train station, 8 minutes from the Préfecture du Nord and its administrative offices, and close to the highly attractive Place des Buisses and Place Saint-Hubert..

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Your UXAMPrivate Detectives agency Lille

With two city centre stations connected to two direct national and international train networks, Lille occupies a strategic position at the heart of Europe, close to major capitals: Paris 1h, London 1h20 and Brussels 38mn via Eurostar, Amsterdam 2h40 via Thalys

Lille-Lesquin International Airport, 10 km from the centre of Lille, serves over 50 national and international destinations

At the crossroads of 6 motorways, the A1, A22 and E17, A23, A25 and A26, A27 and E42, Lille is less than 2 hours from Paris by car, Amsterdam less than 2 hours 30, and Brussels, Antwerp or Calais barely 1 hour away

The capital of Flanders, which is also the prefecture of the Nord département and the capital of the Hauts-de-France region, forms the Lille European Metropolis alongside Roubaix, Tourcoing and Villeneuve-d’Ascq. The MEL concentrates the essential activities linked to the representation of the State at regional and departmental level

Your agency is involved in the following investigations:

Investigations for businesses

Family enquiries

Financial investigation

Insurance investigations

  • Claims verification
  • Verification of claims declarations
  • Investigation of insurance fraud
  • Checking invoices for compensation

Civil investigations




229 Rue Solférino 59000 Lille


Agrément CNAPS:

SIRET 833 795 156 00011
NAF 8030Z
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