Inquiries of individuals

The civil inquiries, included in the targeted activities to the article …, consists in applying every means of investigation for a third party in the case of a specific demand intended to determine contact details, solvability and the property of an individual.

Address searches / “NPAI” or “PSA” inquiries

UXAM takes action for third parties when a debtor is “gone without leaving an address” or “doesn’t live/never lived at the indicated address”, we will, through proven methods and within the law, lead inquiries which will allow us to identify new contact details.

The advantages of UXAM:  if necessary, in addition to standard searches, the intervention of a private investigator (Private search agent) to confirm a visual answer.

People tracing:

In the case of a specific request, we set up an investigation to find the contact details or to trace a missing person. Our interventions are totally legal. The details can only be passed on to the mandate with the missing person‘s consent.

  • Research of professional practice and of the professional status of a person with regard to employment: The civil inquiries conducted at UXAM include the research of an individual’s professional status. In particular our investigations are conducted in procedures of unfair competition, of non-respect of clauses in employment contracts; moonlighting or Social Service Benefit fraud.
  • Identification of financial partners’ details: our financial inquiries enable us to identify the details of the financial partner(s). We can also list the assets and the state of an individual in order to determine his solvency in the case of defending the interests of a third party.
  • Background checks
  • Research of inheritors or beneficiaries: UXAM can be hired for a civil inquiry to search for an inheritor. In this case, the methods developed by our teams:

Establishing the debtor’s direct line of descent,

Information about the death,

Death follow-up: trace the lawyer in charge of the inheritance, of the beneficiary or the instruction to the renunciation of the inheritance.


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