Insurance inquiry

Insurance inquiry

Fraud has become a true social phenomenon and affects all economic fields; the one of insurance is part of it. Faced with an increasing number of frauds each year, it is necessary for the insurers to provide themselves with means to block them.

Whether the fraud takes place at the beginning or during the contract, the UXAM team has the means to identify them, in order to help insurance companies to reduce their financial loss caused by false insurance claims which lead to undue payouts given to dishonest policyholders.

Our inquiries are thorough and our reports present one’s argument in accordance with normal practices.

You wish to proceed to an in-depth inspection of a reported claim before setting up any compensation, UXAM brings you the expert assessment of specialized partners who will study and analyse the reasons of the accident.

It can be proved that the reported claim of a policyholder isn’t in accordance with the reality but has the advantage of giving him  better compensation, even unjustified compensation.

UXAM accompanies you in the inspection of these reported claims by giving you the information related, useful for all decision-making.

The fighting of insurance fraud concerns fire, theft, life accident cover, art, vehicles…, UXAM accompanies you in the analysis of reported claims of the policyholders in order to spot any frauds.

Whether the damage is “imaginary” or “put-on”, “voluntary”, “accentuated” or “adjusted”, UXAM sets up the means to identify the fraud and will prove the bad faith of the policyholder.

After a theft, the policyholder could be required to claim the possession and the disappearance of valuable objects to ensure their compensation. The insurance company may want to check the authenticity of these objects by looking at their original invoice copy.

UXAM provides its inquiry capacity in this matter by searching or verifying the invoices related to the objects in order to be sure of their authenticity and property.


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