Child support reassessment

Context :

A client instructed us to obtain evidence on the actual situation of her ex-husband. As a divorcee she was in receipt of alimony on behalf of her children, which had been ordered by a Family Affairs Judge using outdated criteria. At the time, her husband said he had no regular income and could not financially support his children and ex-wife.

Our client had consistent information that led her to believe that her ex-husband could have found a regular job in the construction industry. She wanted to prove that he could help them financially to a greater extent.

NB: He had told the judge that he was unemployed and had no job prospects.


The private detective in charge of the task drew up a quick profile of the person in question. The detective then proceeded by means of surveillance and tailing, to follow the ex-husband for several days to determine his schedule and the position held in said company and to verify whether the statements made to our client were accurate.


We were able to observe that our client’s ex-husband had in fact found a job as a Site Manager in a building company specializing in concrete construction, that he was cohabiting with a woman in a luxury apartment registered in both their names. We were able to discover that his partner worked in an investment advisory company.

We demonstrated:

  • That her ex-husband was now an employee on a permanent contract with this enterprise
  • That the new accommodation was in the name of her ex-husband and his concubine

Finally, we had a bailiff enter the property to demonstrate the change in his living circumstances, as well his new employment.

After appealing to the JAF (Family Affairs Judge), our client obtained a revision of the alimony so that her monthly payments significantly increased.

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