Educational deficiencies

A client mandates UXAM to prove that her ex-partner does not take proper care of their child when he has custody. According to her statements, the child’s father would rather indulge in his passions: casinos, poker and parties.

He would entrust his son to his grandparents when he has custody of him in an almost systematic way.

Our client’s objective is to request sole custody by demonstrating that her ex-partner is not capable of taking care of their son alone and that he is keeping him simply to “annoy” her.


The detective in charge of the case made a quick profile of the person to be followed in order to determine certain crucial points. Our private investigator then focused on using surveillance and shadowing to follow the ex-spouse for several days to determine his schedule while he had custody of his son and to verify if the statements made to our client were accurate.

The private investigator then focused on the surveillance of our client’s son to determine who was actually keeping him.


After a quick administrative investigation and a field investigation during 3 weekends, we were able to show that he was dropping his son off at his parents’ home.

We also showed that he spent his afternoons in a casino, and that he followed this up with poker nights with personal contacts.

Finally, we demonstrated the educational deficiencies and that he only picked up his son on Sundays around 4pm before taking him back to his ex-girlfriend.

The private investigator was able to show through a mission report that our client’s child was never looked after by his father but either by his grandparents or by his uncle.

As a result of the procedure before the JAF, our client obtained sole custody of her child.

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