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Case Studies

Defamation by a competitor

By 7 March 2022No Comments

Context :

A company in the industrial trading industry instructed us to obtain evidence of acts of defamation made by one of its competitors.

Our client already had some documents, but the volume of evidence collected was not sufficient to initiate legal proceedings in the commercial court.


Primarily, our private detective agency carried out an investigation to locate various customers belonging to our client who had been “approached” by this competitor.

Secondly, our teams of private detectives went to each of the companies in question to collect evidence and take statements from the interlocutors.

Results :

We were able to collect the following evidence of defamation from 51 customers, in the form of:

  • 16 emails
  • 8 letters
  • 18 statements

The UXAM plus:

The procedure resulted in an immediate ceasing of extensive acts of defamation, the lawyer in charge of the case obtained judgement against the competitor together with damages and interest up to 52K€.

Finally, our client was able to clarify with his clients the results of the procedure and the judgement against the competitor.

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