Employee on sick leave

Context :

An enterprise in the car repair sector instructed us to obtain evidence of the real situation of its employee who had been on sick leave for 8 months. Numerous clues led them to believe that the latter occasionally worked for a competing company.


The detective in charge of the assignment constructed a rapid profile of the person in question in order to determine certain crucial points.

The detective then focused on means of surveillance and tailing during daytime hours over a 3-day period, in order to follow the employee on sick leave and determine their schedule.

Results :

We were able to observe that the employee of the company went daily to a garage located in a nearby town.

In consultation with the Client, UXAM organised the intervention of a bailiff to go into the competing company and uncover the necessary evidence.

Our client, on the advice of his lawyer, filed a lawsuit and, at the same time, proceeded to dismiss the employee for “gross” misconduct.

The UXAM plus:

A quick additional financial investigation showed that the employee’s wife had declared herself to be self-employed and had been invoicing the competing company each month for “advice and administrative assistance” services while she was fully employed on a permanent contract as a nursing assistant.


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