Lifestyle report

Context :

A client instructed our private detective agency to collect evidence on his wife’s adulterous relationship and lifestyle. According to the information in his possession, she recently took an apartment or a house in a neighbouring town and was living a new life with her “companion”.


Our private detective’s task for this lifestyle report was to find the exact address of the new residence of the wife and to check if she lived with another man in order to have these facts officially noted by a bailiff.

Results :

Our private detective found the exact address where our client’s wife lived. Moreover, she was clearly living with another man. We observed their comings and goings over several days, we were able to demonstrate that:

  • They did household errands together
  • They were planning to go on a prearranged trip
  • They took the dog out together

Following our findings, we called a bailiff to enter the home to observe the couple’s lifestyle.

UXAM submitted an assigned investigation report to our client containing all the evidence uncovered, which entailed the use of photographs.

The UXAM plus:

Throughout the procedure we worked in close collaboration with the bailiff in charge of the official report and with client’s lawyer in order to assist him until the case reached a satisfactory conclusion.

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