Statement of adultery

UXAM was commissioned by a woman wishing to clear up doubts about inconsistent statements by her husband and a possible adulterous relationship. Indeed, the latter had changed his habits for the past few months, regarding:

  • The time it took him to return home, which grew later and later
  • Travel “for business purposes”


Our detective focused on determining his schedule and verifying whether the statements made to our client, were consistent. The UXAM agent carried out tailing activities over 5 days to precisely determine his movements and their objectives.

Results :

Our agent was able to note that over several days the husband left work on a regular basis and was taking advantage of lunch breaks as well as appointments with clients to go to a hotel. Our observations allowed us to identify the woman he was meeting.

Our report was admissible in court and was given directly to our client’s lawyer, who wished to immediately initiate divorce proceedings.

The UXAM plus:

Our client (married under joint title with regard to property) asked UXAM to identify her husband’s complete assets (on the advice of her lawyer) including holdings in various companies (SCI and SAS) in order to be able to consolidate her case.

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