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Mr. Jérémie Meyer, Private Investigator, is committed to:

Each of our assignments is founded on an agreement ensuring absolute discretion and total confidentiality.
For every assignment, a detailed mandate is prepared outlining the objectives, methodologies, and financial terms involved.

Our agency is certified by the CNAPS and holds a professional license. Director Jérémie Meyer handpicks the most appropriate investigative agents for each case, ensuring utmost efficiency and responsiveness.

As a reminder, UXAM is a consortium of private investigators experienced in conducting diverse inquiries and investigations. Equipped with extensive resources and expertise, UXAM stands as a leader in the investigative field, renowned for its effective methods and results. Your private investigator in Strasbourg possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to assist you in prevailing in your legal matters.

UXAM Strasbourg

  • Your Private Investigator in Strasbourg

UXAM conducts private, commercial, industrial, and criminal investigations in Strasbourg and the Bas-Rhin (67) with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. Our agile investigators are ready to mobilize within 24 hours, directly managing your investigation. They operate effectively across this vibrant region, reaching as far as Haguenau, Schiltigheim, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, and Sélestat.

Quickly to Strasbourg…

Strasbourg, strategically located “at the crossroads”, is accessible from various major cities: 105 km from Stuttgart, 160 km from Zurich, 192 km from Luxembourg, 190 km from Frankfurt am Main, 615 km from Marseille, 876 km from Toulouse, 406 km from Brussels, 493 km from Lyon, and 397 km from Paris. Its ideal location intersects major continental communication routes.

Its east-west axis connects to Paris via Reims and Nancy/Metz (A4/RN4 freeway) and to Munich via Stuttgart (E52). The north-south axis leads to southern France via Lyon (A6 and A7 freeways) and to Frankfurt am Main via Karlsruhe (E35). Strasbourg is linked to Germany by two bridges: the Pont de l’Europe and the Pont Pierre-Pflimlin, facilitating access to Offenburg and Freiburg.

The A35 freeway, experiencing a 40% increase in traffic over 10 years to around 170,000 vehicles per day, reflects the city’s growing connectivity. Following your inquiry, we will provide a comprehensive estimate and all necessary documentation to proceed with your case, including introducing you to the private investigators assigned to your investigation.

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UXAM Private Investigators Strasbourg

  • Strasbourg, Capital of Alsace and European Capital

      • Prefecture of the Bas-Rhin department, Strasbourg is the capital of the Grand Est region.

The city is home to numerous European and international institutions, including the Council of Europe, which hosts the European Court of Human Rights and the European Pharmacopoeia, the European Parliament, and the European Ombudsman. It thus lays claim to the title of “European capital”.

      • The Strasbourg Eurometropolis (EMS) is based in Strasbourg and brings together the major Alsatian inter-municipalities.

With a total population of 550,000 (including neighboring Kehl in Germany), Strasbourg is the most populous intercommunal area in Alsace and the Grand Est region.

      • It is the 1st largest commune in the French Grand Est region and the 8th largest in France.

Strasbourg intra-muros has a population of 768,868, and 1,189,086 including the German part. A major economic hub in the northeast of France, Strasbourg boasts a highly diversified secondary sector and a tertiary sector focused primarily on financial activities, research, and business consulting.

      • 2nd largest river port in France.

The Port Autonome de Strasbourg manages the “Batorama” tourist riverboat service as the world’s 1st commercial river and Europe’s 1st navigable waterway, Strasbourg boasts major port facilities on the Rhine. The Port Autonome de Strasbourg handles 7.54 million tonnes of transshipped goods and 417,048 containers.

      • The University of Strasbourg, with its 18 Nobel Prize winners, is a major international force in European research.

France’s 2nd largest university in terms of students and teaching staff, the Fondation Université de Strasbourg has some 43,053 students (including 20.5% foreign students), 2,672 teaching and research staff, 38 components (training and research units, faculties, schools, institutes) and 76 research units. Today, it is a member of several European university networks, including the European Confederation of Upper Rhine Universities (EUCOR network), which brings together the universities of Basel, Freiburg im Breisgau, Karlsruhe, and Mulhouse, and the European League of Research Universities, of which it is a founding member.

      • INSA Strasbourg (formerly ENSAIS) is the world’s oldest engineering school, with 1,300 students and 8 specialties (from civil engineering to plastics and electrical engineering). At the origin of the Alsace Tech network, it brings together the 9 leading engineering schools in Alsace. The École nationale supérieure d’informatique pour l’industrie et l’entreprise has a campus in the city.

Strasbourg is home to the École nationale d’administration. The Institut d’études politiques de Strasbourg (“Sciences Po Strasbourg”), the Institut national des études territoriales (INET), the Centre universitaire d’enseignement du journalisme (CUEJ), and the International Space University (ISU) and Schiller International University are also located here.

      • Strasbourg’s university hospitals are among the pioneers of telesurgery.

The creation of the Alsace Biovalley competitiveness cluster, dedicated to life sciences and healthcare, fosters synergies between Strasbourg’s hospitals and more than 400 companies and 60 public laboratories, generating more than 2,200 direct and indirect jobs in Alsace and the creation of 46 new companies, while accrediting more than 63 R&D projects. This global competitiveness cluster is located at the heart of Biovalley, which brings together the Upper Rhine border regions and the Basel region in Switzerland in the fields of chemistry, biology, and medical technologies.

      • Research at the Institut de recherche contre les cancers de l’appareil digestif (IRCAD), the Institut de pharmacologie clinique Roche (IPCR), the Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM) and the Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire is notable.

Strasbourg is home to the Alsace Eurométropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

      • Strasbourg’s economy is marked by the presence of five accredited competitiveness clusters.
      • Strasbourg’s city center is the most dynamic in France, with 18,000 square meters of retail space and 12,000 jobs. Its retail sales exceed 891 million euros, or 38% of the Eurometropole total.
      • The Strasbourg courthouse is located in the Tribunal district, opposite the River Ill, in the heart of the Neustadt. It is the seat of the Strasbourg High Court.


Strasbourg and its region are managed by the UXAM Group.

We are involved in the following investigations:

Corporate investigations

Family investigations

Financial investigation

Insurance investigation

      • Claims verification
      • Claims verification
      • Investigation of insurance fraud
      • Checking invoices for compensation

Civil investigations




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